Tentative Schedule

September 29, 2016

Morning Courses

Overview of Cell Culture Technology

Cell Biology for Process Engineering

Cell Physiology for Process Engineering

Afternoon Courses

Stoichiometry and Kinetics of Cell Growth and Product Formation

Cell Line Development

Bioreactor Kinetics and Cell Culture Bioreactors

Medium Design for Cell Culture Processing

Quality by Design

Data Analysis and Visualization Techniques for Cell

Culture (I)


September 30, 2016
Morning Courses

Oxygen Transfer in Cell Culture Bioreactors

Fed-batch Culture and Dynamic Nutrient Feeding

Cell Retention, Perfusion, and Continuous Processes

Process Analytical Technology

Glycosylation and its modulation
Afternoon Courses

Scale-up and Scale-down of Cell Culture Processes

Case Studies

Introduction to Genomics and Systems Biotechnology